Christianity vs. The World

As Thomas Paine wrote his third work, he forced some of his ideas and thoughts onto the readers of the time. One influential work he named The Age of Reason, was written in 1794 while he was imprisoned in France. In this work Paine focused on acknowledging the deist manifesto core he had created within himself. The idea that nature was the only form of divine revelation and that God established an internal order that everything would fulfill throughout creation, was the basis of his beliefs. He rejected Christians and personally victimized them because they believed differently than him. Paine emphasized that the Bible was not the direct word of God and preached these ideas to masses all over France. Most of the beliefs he spoke now were nothing unusual to what others were preaching, but the bitterness he used made even more people hate him than already did.

Just like in those times, people all over the world are rejecting Christianity today. The following video of Francis Chan will show you the intensity of some of the persecution Christians are going through around the world.

Some people supposedly believe in nothing. This group of people call themselves Atheists, which means a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.

Aside from atheists in the world, there are people all over the world who persecuting someone for being a Christian. As of right now there are hundreds of Christians being killed by the Islamic believers every day. These Christians are putting their life on the line to spread their faith into parts of the world that have never heard it before. Some of their tactics include blowing up churches, attacking people on the streets, and even suicide bombing as displayed in the picture below. This jeep filled with explosives was crashed into a church killing at least 8 people and wounding almost 100 more.


Things like this not only happen in other lower countries, they happen right here in the United States as well. One of the most well known instances was the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. Whenever you research this topic one name in particular that pops up is young girl by the name of Cassie Bernall. The story goes that when one of the teenage gunman approached Cassie in the library that day, he asked her if she believed in God? Without any hesitation, she simply says “yes” and the gunman shoots and kills her. Teenagers all over the world hold onto that simple hope, that a saint they all knew from school lost her life for professing her faith. No one knows if the killer’s purpose was to persecute Cassie for her faith, but it certainly impacted the Christian religion all over the World and forced them to have terrible feelings toward those who would ever do such a thing.

Below is a picture of the teenage martyr, Cassie Bernall, from the Columbine shooting.


As all of these things happen in different parts of the world, it brings everyone together for one common goal and that is to bring these persecutions to a stop. Many efforts are made daily, but like Thomas Paine, the people of this time are specific in what they want and are most likely not going to change their beliefs of how to get their way.


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